Friday, 20 May 2016

Rings That Look Best On Your Finger

1. Gemstone Diamond Ring

Gemstone rings can be made with precious gemstones or synthetic stones. The reason why these rings are popular is that they consists of wide varieties of stones for people to choose from and many gemstones have special meanings. 

2. Engagement Bands

An engagement band indicates that the person wearing it is engaged or to be married and it is traditionally given by a man to a woman or visa versa.  The engagement band can be in  any style and with any gemstone like diamonds, rubies and many more. 

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 3. Delicate Rings

These Rings are perfect for daily wear. In other words we can say they are best for office wear. They are easy to pocket and we have more then 100 designs under 10000.  Collection under your pocket is click away. 

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4. Solitaire

A Solitaire studded in  a band with single diamond or other gemstones at the center. Solitaire is always classic and will never go out of style. Yet, the Solitaire can still be as unique as you are, as it accommodates nearly all sizes and shapes of center stones.

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Navratan Rings are the cluster of nine stones namely diamond, rubies, blue sapphire, emerald, yellow sapphire, pearl, red coral, Hessonite and Cat's eye. These rings are so colorful that they can be also called as Rainbow rings. Many people consider navratan according to astrology for well being. Others might consider as fashion.

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6. Cocktail 

A Cocktail Ring is a piece of jewelry that is larger than normal rings and is designed to attract attention with its size and colors.

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